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My 6 Money-Saving Hacks For Lifelong Healthy Skin

By | Wednesday, December 06, 2017

As a beauty addict on a budget, I’m constantly on the hunt for tips and strategies to improve my skincare routine without breaking the bank. I hope that these six hacks will help some of you, too!

1. Multi-Masking

Glamglow is having their moment in the sun, with beauty bloggers constantly raving about it. Their masks are highly reviewed and everyone loves a good scary mask selfie on #athomespadays. But while fun to use and effective, Glamglow masks are not the cheapest.

Enter the concept of “multi-masking.” Using different masks for different sections of your face is both cost-effective and results-efficient. I like to use a mud mask on my T-zone and a moisturizing mask for the rest of my face, and on occasion, a spot treatment for areas where I need it. This helps to minimize wastage of product and to only use the right product where I need it.   

2. Multi-Purpose Oil

Jojoba oil and argan oil are my two absolute favorite oils and can be used in so many ways! A few examples include:

  • Combined with moisturizer or body lotion for a hydrating boost
  • Cuticle treatment
  • Hair mask/leave-in conditioner
  • Makeup remover
  • Lip balm
  • Subtle highlighter mixed with BB cream or foundation

3. Maximize Absorption

I like to make sure that I’m using my products in the right order to maximize effectiveness. Generally, the lightweight formulas should go first (e.g. serums) before those with heavier textures (e.g. cream).

I use a chemical exfoliant once or twice a week. I highly recommend First Aid Beauty’s Facial Radiance Pads for a gentle exfoliation. On exfoliating days, I make sure to use my most effective serums or treatments. By exfoliating first, my skin is prepped for maximum absorption of the serum or treatment. 

This maximizing logic also applies to time. I tend to use my nicer products during night time since they have the entire night to be absorbed. On the other hand, I won’t use fancy products right before I go the gym since I know I’ll be sweating everything off anyway.

The packaging also makes a huge difference in the efficacy of skincare products. Active ingredients like Vitamin C are relatively unstable and will degrade the moment they are exposed to air and light. Thus, I tend to avoid anything with jar packaging (unsanitary as well!) and look exclusively for products with air-tight packaging and a pump.  

4. Do You Really Need An Eye Cream?

This is a more controversial tip. I follow quite a few beauty and skincare experts, and there is a school of thought that eye creams are not necessary for everyone. If you are using a well-formulated and gentle moisturizer, it may very well be good enough to use around your eyes as well. For me, this actually holds true, as I have very sensitive skin. The formulas that I use for my face are generally gentle enough for my eye area as well.  

It is also useful to do some research into the problems that you are seeking to correct. Since my eyes tend to get puffy, I find that a gentle eye massage or even a cold spoon over my eyes are way more effective than upgrading to a more expensive eye cream. One of my best friends suffers from hereditary dark eye circles (they run in the family). In her case, she has decided to invest in a powerful concealer rather than expensive eye cream since she is well aware that no amount of expensive eye cream will correct her hereditary dark eye circles. For others, dark eye circles may be due to lack of sleep or the presence of environmental pollutants, and it would be then appropriate to initiate a lifestyle change instead. I would say to figure out why you are suffering from this particular skin concern first, rather than throwing money at new products hoping for a miracle. 

5. Wean Yourself Off Bad Habits

Having good skin is not only about having the right products. Having the right habits will help you win half the battle. For instance, due to my sensitive skin, I have been conditioned from young not to touch my face and to be very careful about the hygienic storage and application of my products.

Some additional habits that I’m mindful of include:

  • Washing my pillowcase regularly
  • Washing my makeup brushes regularly
  • Cleaning the surface of my phone
  • Not touching my face (or picking at spots) mindlessly

6. Prevention Is Better Than Cure  

Prevention is better (and cheaper!) than a cure. Wearing sunscreen daily, sticking to a skincare routine, and leading a healthy lifestyle will go a long way to help keep your skin healthy. It is far easier to stave off the onset of wrinkles than to make them disappear once they are here. I find that my skin looks best when I don’t overload it with products, get my beauty rest, and exercise regularly. 

Ally G. updates her beauty blog regularly with product reviews and recommendations. She spends an abnormal amount of time browsing cat memes on the internet and channels the rest of her creative energy in writing dystopian fiction available on Amazon.   

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