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By and | Monday, July 03, 2017


I’ve written a little bit recently about how I’ve finally started working exercise into my daily routine. There have been a few moments in my life where I’ve thought, “You know, I could stand to be stronger and have more endurance,” including last month, when carrying bags of clothing from the subway to a Goodwill donation center was exhausting. But it wasn’t until I started tracking my exercise that I actually continued working at it. I used to go to the occasional dance class and do the occasional at-home yoga video, plan to do it the next day, and then forget to.

Now, I write down whatever exercise I completed each day, including if I did nothing. I wasn’t sure why this practice was helpful in continuing to work towards my loose exercise goals — I don’t have a goal weight in mind or anything, so I’m striving to simply “be stronger” — until I came across J. Money‘s last pick this week, from Raptitude. If you have a habit you’re working to build (finance-related or otherwise), be sure to check it out. Here’s my favorite tidbit:

I’ve spent my entire adult life experimenting with self-improvement campaigns of all sorts, and nothing has worked better than tracking alone. Just recording the numbers — without striving to change anything about what you’re tracking — almost always creates a sustainable, healthy transition to a better way of doing things.

It sounds radical: let yourself do what you want as long as you track it. But it leads to lasting change far more quickly and painlessly than the conventional method: striving to meet arbitrary, self-imposed quotas, hoping it will one day stop being so painful.

Read on for the rest of this week’s great picks!

1. Financial Advice From the Thief Next Door — Debt Files 

“Ola was a bad person. At least that’s what everyone told me. My neighbors told me he had a criminal record which included assault, car theft, and narcotics dealing, but that his REAL passion was B&E thievery…Definitely not good for me, because Ola lived next door in our rundown dump of an apartment building.”

2. Great News: There’s Another Recession Coming! — Mr. Money Mustache  “Most people who are wealthy today, achieved it by building and acquiring profitable investments in the past, when they were on sale. A recession is just a big sale — on almost everything.”

3. 10 New FinTech Startups We Like from Finovate Spring 2017 — PT Money

“We were on the lookout for innovative financial products and services that you could begin using in your financial life.  Here’s a look at some of the products we got to see on stage.”

4. How to Make a Damn Decision — The Minimalists

“Today is the best day of your life, because today is the day everything changes: Today is the day your ‘shoulds’ turn into ‘musts.’ Today is the day you decide to take action.”

5. Driving for Dollars — Building Income 

“Driving for dollars” is a concept a lot of investors and real estate brokers employ.  It means getting into your car and traveling through targeted neighborhoods where you want to buy a property.  If you’ve ever searched for a house in a certain neighborhood, you have done the same exact thing.”

6. What Would Happen If You Retired Today? — Miss Mazuma 

“I have been working and earning a W2 since 1993 when I was 14. That’s 24 years of working for the man and all those years of labor have afforded me $1,110 per month of FREEDOM. Isn’t that incredible?! Not from a high or low standpoint, but just that it is actually calculable?!”

7. Where Breakthroughs Really Come From — Raptitude

“If you do this one thing, you’ll have a lot more money and a lot less worry, without any concerted efforts to earn more or restrict your spending. Probably the only way it won’t change your life is if you’re already doing it.”

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