7 Simple and Beautiful Desserts For Summer Entertaining

By | Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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Recently, I had the good fortune of stumbling upon Amrita Song’s beautiful baking blog, The Sweet Art. Within minutes, my mouth was watering as I scrolled through endless, delicious-looking recipes that I couldn’t wait to make in my own kitchen. I spoke with Amrita to briefly discuss how she got started. To describe her self-taught methodology, Amrita says:

“I started with an interest in food photography, but it started getting expensive buying things just to photograph them, so I learned to cook and bake. Once, I was literally the girl who could only bake from boxes, and who lived off Lean Cuisines before I really started appreciating food. Now, I love trying to recreate fancy desserts (and entrees) because I enjoy the thrill of making a fabulous meal/dessert at home for half the cost (plus I’m a bit of a homebody and love throwing parties at home instead of spending a ton of money out).

Amrita is a true TFD-er at heart, and I really appreciate her self-taught approach to cooking and baking often, and in her own home. I worked with Amrita to round-up some of her favorite desserts for summer entertaining that are simple and delicious. See below!

Strawberry Cupcakes

cupcakes that are strawberry

cupcakes strawberry

strawberry macaron cupcakes

Summer Trifle



Rose Lychee Macarons


Profiteroles and Ice Cream


ice cream puffs

asian profiteroles-1

Fresh Fruit Tart



Mango Pie



Fig and Honey Mascarpone Cake

fig mascarpone cake


“I do believe recipes are meant to be shared, and I love sharing them with others. I love feeding people–the best feeling is seeing someone genuinely enjoy something I’ve created from scratch, with love”, says Amrita. Head on over to The Sweet Art for at-home baking inspiration!

Amrita is a columnist for Sauce Magazine, a food writer for Honest Cooking, and runs the blog She specializes in French macarons & owns a small business. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


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