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8 Free Things You’re Probably Paying For

By | Thursday, November 29, 2018

Here at TFD, we would never tell anyone that hardcore frugality is a must for a happy and financially healthy life. That said, we are also all about taking advantage of free resources when they’re presented to us. And for most of us, there are probably at least a few things we end up paying for even though we technically don’t have to.

Case in point: furniture! It’s something we often feel like we need to save up for, and in a lot of cases, that’s true — if you’re buying a couch and want it to last you several decades, it’s a good idea to save up for a high-quality one rather than trying to make a $150 Walmart futon last well beyond the point of being comfortable. But if you’re in need of furniture now and don’t have enough to shell out for an investment piece, there are plenty of Facebook groups, online neighborhood communities, and even Craigslist to find people getting rid of their pieces, and often giving them away for free! Head over to the TFD YouTube channel to hear about a bunch of other things you should totally be getting for free.

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