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8 Things Not To Do In Your First Year At Work

By | Thursday, November 15, 2018

Let’s face it: there is almost nothing more anxiety-inducing than figuring out a new work environment. That’s doubly true when you’re in your first “real” job ever. For example, if you’ve never worked in an office before and now find yourself sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day, there can be so many stumbling blocks. How do you make friends with the people you work with? Should you make friends with them? When you haven’t technically been assigned anything, what should you be doing with your time? How do you sit at a desk all day and manage not to fall asleep? And how do you make the most of this first job without shooting your career in the foot?

Your first, entry-level job most likely won’t define the entirety of your career, but starting off on the right foot is a good idea for anyone. Who knows — that first job may lead to connections that could put you on a career track you’re excited about for the rest of your working life. In order to make the most of this opportunity, in TFD’s latest video, Chelsea tells us what not to do in your first year of work. For instance: barring a dangerous or unhealthy situation, don’t quit your first job too hastily. Otherwise, you could begin to establish a pattern of short-lived stints on a resume and hurt your chances of landing a job you’d actually really like. Be sure to head over to the TFD YouTube channel for everything else to avoid during your first year at work!

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