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How To “Buy” 100 Business Cards For Free To Elevate Your Professional Life

By | Friday, January 29, 2016


Putting our best professional foot forward often requires cultivating a positive, organized career image in order to attract clients. More often than not, however, cultivating that image is expensive, and when we eagerly join the workforce, it’s challenging to spend wisely and figure out which purchases are “professional needs” and which are “professional wants.”

We have an offer that may make things a tiny bit easier: a Redditor posted an offer for 100 free business cards as a way to pay it forward and start the new year off on the right foot. Unfortunately, Reddit users got a bit snippy over the details of the post — as they are sometimes prone to do — and the offer was taken down. We followed up on the offer and Bryon Stout, the man behind the offer, said he would be happy to extend his offer to the TFD community and anyone who comes across this post. Bryon’s company,, is offering 100 free business cards, if you pay for shipping. You can claim the offer here. Currently, there isn’t an “end date” to M3Printing’s offer, but they plan to impose a deadline soon, so it’s still worth it to act sooner rather than later. Shipping costs are anywhere from $7-$10 depending on where you live.

While a small giveaway for business cards may not seem like much, for new business owners, it can be immensely helpful. When you’re just starting to go out on your own (whether you’re starting a business or launching a freelance career), how you present yourself to clients is crucial. Clients take notice of how you come across in person and online (via your website and social media channels). Many professionals who don’t consider themselves entrepreneurs still elect to have business cards simply because it’s something to leave behind when you make a new connection.

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