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Introducing: Making It Work!

By | Thursday, January 10, 2019

Despite the fact that money touches every single aspect of our lives, getting a handle on it is something that eludes most of us. Getting good with money doesn’t mean getting rich just for the sake of it. It means learning how to use it to build a life you love, both in your present and in your future.

And when it comes to building a life you love, one thing is certain: you have to worry about what’s best for you and your life, not what’s best for someone else. That’s why, here at TFD, our bread and butter has always been personal stories about everything money touches, from reaching a kickass savings goal to figuring out a super-productive morning routine to cutting out bad habits like fast fashion for good. Not everything applies to everyone, but the more open we are with our own personal stories, the more we can learn from each other — and change our own lives for the better.

In our newest video series “Making It Work,” brought to you by Wealthsimple, we’re sharing some of our favorite personal stories published here on TFD — and now, they’ll be turned into beautiful, original video essays! In our first episode (based on this article), one woman explains how she saved a huge amount of money in her early twenties – without a major loophole like a trust fund or a fancy job in finance. Head over to the TFD YouTube channel to check it out!

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