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21 TFD Readers On Their Worst Impulse Buys During Quarantine

By | Wednesday, July 08, 2020

The past few months in quarantine have had a different impact on everyone’s finances — some of you have increased your savings during lockdown, and others are itching to spend more than ever. In the spirit of sharing our financial foibles, we asked TFD to readers about their worst impulse buys in quarantine.

1. “When I got my new iPhone SE back in April, the shipping estimate for a leather case was an entire month, so I impulse-bought a $35 Apple silicone case to hold me over until the leather case arrived. Haven’t used it once since the leather one showed up.” –Trevor

2. “Almost a bike. It was going to be delivered a month later so I managed to borrow a bike. I have since been on it 4 times. The bike is now canceled. Thank goodness I had that thinking time.” –Wendy

3. “Thought I was going to get let go so I bought a ukelele that I told myself I’d teach myself how to play. Turns out, I didn’t get let go and never had the time/motivation to learn” –Padme

4. “Vintage designer bags from Etsy and eBay” –Chelsea

5. “Bathing suits and dresses as if I’m actually going somewhere” –Latrice

6. “Stocking up on supplies in case the world ended. I wound up getting (super) sick with COVID anyway, having to move out of the apartment I was in at the time, and not having enough room in the car to bring any of the supplies. Most of them were left behind. Hundreds wasted.” –L.Brooke

7. “I bought a car. Grimacing face” –Adam

8. “A fanny pack! Needed something to hold my phone/keys while I walk my pup…so far love” –Kelsey

9. “Shorts without trying them on first. Always try them on. Always.” –Suzie

10. “More lipsticks I don’t need. I’m wearing face masks! This is not smart!” –Sophie

11. “I bought an electric pencil sharpener cause I guess I thought working from home meant I’d need a lot of traditional number 2 pencils??? Not sure where I was at with that one…” –Amanda

12. “Wine.” –Melanie

13. “I bought a fitness product I saw on shark tank but haven’t used it yet. Wasnt expensive but it sits around and taunts me.” –Hiral

14. “Take out. So. Much. Take out.” –Bri

15. “I would say a Tamagotchi but to be perfectly honest that was a great purchase…. sooo… a $90 gold & pearl bracelet.” –Whitney

16. “A kneeling desk. Is it cool looking? Yes. Is it comfortable? Not as comfortable as my couch. Whoops.” –MK

17. “An absolutely gorgeous vintage dress that I will probably wear once a year at most. Although I can always hang it up and just stare at.” –Jayne

18. “$103 on makeup. Never again.” –Mercy

19. “fancy foods that I don’t even like that much.” –Nova

20. “Car body repair from a guy knocking on our door. What were we thinking?” –Susan

21. “A 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle that I was so excited to find, I didn’t look at the dimensions of the finished project… until I got home and realized we don’t have a big enough table.” Jasmine

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