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By | Thursday, November 08, 2018

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means: time for another round of awesome personal finance articles hand-picked by ESI of Rockstar Finance!

You know, I never pictured myself talking about money for a living. I ended up in this job after a string of professional miscalculations, along with some actually-okay freelance work, in the editorial and media realm. I’d followed TFD as a fan for a few years, and it genuinely helped me get better with money — and putting all of that into practice made me eventually realize that talking about money is a career I would and do love. It wasn’t necessarily my dream job, but it grew into one — and that’s even better.

On that note, I loved this article from Scientific American — all about how chasing a dream job can be noble, but perhaps misguided. Instead of fixating ourselves on just one thing, it’s probably healthier and more fruitful overall to be open to growing as a person and leaning into interests we may not have considered at first. This quote was especially poignant in my opinion:

A fixed mindset about interests can be limiting in two ways. First, it implies that our interests and talents may be narrow or specific. Once we find a path that intrigues us and brings success, we may curb or even abandon exploration of other potential interests. Second, we may expect pursuit of our one true passion to be easy – after all, this is the pathway that will provide endless drive and excitement, and will yield the greatest achievement. Consequently, instead of demonstrating resilience and perseverance in pursuit of this passion, we may fold when faced with failure or significant challenge. Difficulty may be perceived as indication that we are simply on the wrong path.

Be sure to check out the full post below, as well as the rest of this week’s great picks!

1. Can You have FIRE and Faith? – Montana Money Adventures

“Do anything different. Create something. Say something that matters to you. Live the life you feel called to live. And someone will be confused. By confused, I don’t mean take the time to ask good questions and understand you with empathy. I mean they will criticize. Throw you under the bus. Try to shame you. Turn others against you. Not everyone of course. It just takes one person out of a 100 to shake us. Or make us doubt ourselves.”

2. How Losing Everything I Had Became A Blessing In My Life – Keep Thrifty

“What if you were granted every conceivable luxury of life, financial freedom and even more, but it came with expectations that made your soul miserable? Would you let the money dictate your life or would you be willing to let it all go for a different type of freedom?”

3. The Fog of Work – Rockstar Finance

“People have to find a break from their daily busy-ness to learn how to become financially independent and to review their savings plans. They have to practice living retirement without trying to work (there’s that word again!) through a huge catch-up To-Do list. No traditional cross-country family vacation or painting the house or writing the Great American Novel. No aggressive new exercise program or yet another diet or one more online course. Try just “being” for a while instead of ‘doing.'”

4. 10 Personal Finance Lessons From Alexander Hamilton – The Finance Twins

“Alexander Hamilton’s story is nothing short of remarkable. His rise to the top was so swift it became palpable. A now-famous founding father, without a father, he overcame incredible adversity. Sacrificing everything so that we’d have diversity. He didn’t start with much financially. And sadly, his life wasn’t always sunny. But he left some awesome lessons when it comes to making money.”

5. Life Advice: Don’t Find Your Passion – Scientific American

“Rather than seek the one job or career path that ignites our passion, we should invest meaningfully in different interests and work to cultivate a passion in one or more fields. By this view, interests are nurtured over time, not discovered overnight.”

6. The “Real” Advantage Of Being Wealthy – Mr. Tako Escapes

“There’s a myth being propagated about the wealthy (mostly by movies, social media, and television) and it goes a little something like this: When you become wealthy you can buy whatever you want, and you won’t need to work anymore.  Life is one big vacation — filled with trips to the Bahamas, fancy sports cars, mansions, luxury hotels, and nice restaurants.”

7. Uncertain Futures: 7 Myths About Millennials and Investing – LearnBonds

“Many millennials do not invest, which can hinder their ability to achieve important goals, like purchasing a home or retiring comfortably. Beyond income constraints, what barriers, perceived or real, prevent millennials from owning investment accounts?”

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