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By | Thursday, April 12, 2018

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently is how difficult it can be to be transparent when it comes to money. I try my best to write about things in my own life and finances as openly and honestly as I can — but sometimes, being radically vulnerable isn’t the best thing for everyone, and that’s okay. Some writers get a lot out of delving deep into their personal trials, but for others, it’s too painful to relive certain situations. And I truly believe that, while we are working to create more and more honest conversations about money, that doesn’t mean any one person should feel they have to tell everyone in the world their story. (De Elizabeth, a writer and editor who’s written for us many times, recently tweeted very eloquently about this.)

Some things in life are too difficult, or even traumatic, to relive through writing about them. Because of this, I’m really grateful whenever anyone chooses to share a really difficult money story online. I’m so glad ESI chose to include this piece from Partners in FIRE this week, about a really difficult time in the writer’s life that she’s recently gotten out of. Here’s a short preview:

It’s hard to be transparent, even with strangers on the internet. So it’s hard to discuss the worst financial mistake of my life. Its not something you would typically hear…I didn’t by a house in the bubble or charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to my credit cards or lose big in a casino. I lost big in love, and it cost me.

Definitely check out the full post and, as always, the rest of this week’s great articles below.

1. Why you should not be in the stock market – J Collins NH

“If you are going to follow The Simple Path to Wealth described on this blog and in my book, it is critical that when the market plunges you ignore it and stay the course. If you don’t, if your nerve fails and you sell in the panic all around you…the advice on this blog and in my book will leave you bleeding by the side of the road.”

2. The Worst Financial Mistake of My Life – Partners in FIRE

“The worst financial mistake of my life was getting involved with an alcoholic. And then staying with that alcoholic for over five years. I kind of consider it one big never-ending mistake, since it was the mistake that kept on giving. I was stupid, I didn’t know how serious of a thing alcoholism was, and I thought that I could help a friend.”

3. The Enemy that Sleeps in Your Garage – High Five Dad

“Name me something that you use less than 4% of the day, all the while it loses value.”

4. 21 Unvarnished Truths About Retirement – Next Avenue

“Six years ago, at 50, I took early retirement, sold almost everything I owned and began traveling the world. I had been living a good life but longed for something more. My passions have always been travel, photography and writing, so I decided to take a calculated risk and create a new life on ‘the road less traveled.’ I have probably missed some stuff and gotten a few things wrong, but I have been paying attention. Here are 21 things I’ve learned since I retired.”

5. How Healthcare Sharing Programs Compare To Traditional Health Insurance –

“This provides an in-depth explanation of what healthcare sharing programs here, a review of the most popular healthcare sharing programs and ministries, why healthcare sharing programs are not for everyone, and the kinds of situations where they might at least be considered.”

6. The Differences Between Us – Mr. Tako Escapes

“What decisions did I make that led to my different outcome in life?  What different path did I take to reach a life of financial independence at age 38?”

7. Work on your Options because Life’s a Bitch  – Max Your Freedom

“The earlier you give yourself access to real freedom, the better off you’ll be in the end.”

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