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The Easy Shopping Trick That Could Save You a Ton Today

By | Thursday, November 22, 2018

Brought to you in partnership with RetailMeNot.

Ah, the holiday season. Time for re-living traditions, indulging in 1,000 calorie desserts disguised as “seasonal coffee drinks,” and best of all…gift shopping! Of course, before you can buy them, there’s the necessary prerequisite of figuring out what to actually give everyone — a task only made harder by the infinite selection of options now available online. (Never mind that a search for “candles” on Amazon brings up 50,000 options). But before you give yourself a stress headache about what you will give your absurdly tasteful, picky, allergic-to-everything relative, we want to make sure you optimize your savings. Because, let’s be honest, online shopping can add up real fast if you’re not smart about it.

So in the spirit of frugal shopping, we’re partnering with RetailMeNot to let you know how to find thousands of coupons, deals, and cash back offers that you can use online or in stores. Our Co-Founder Chelsea is a big fan and can confirm it’s very easy to use, so if you’ve never checked it out — give it a look! You can use the website or app to find deals at a ton of different stores (like Amazon, Target, Macy’s, and many more) and save on stuff like clothes, beauty products, food, even prescription drugs. What we’re most excited to tell you about, though, is that they now have a free browser extension — RetailMeNot Genie — that automatically finds and applies promo codes and cash back offers at checkout, so you never have to search for deals again!

It’s a pretty simple concept. Basically, you just add this baby to Chrome or Firefox and then shop online as you would normally. Then click on the little “R” icon in your browser to see what deals you can take advantage of:

Even if you don’t look at that, the Genie will automatically apply coupons for you when you’re about to check out:

In a nutshell, it’s free, takes no effort, and could save you a buck (or a lot!). So check it out before you dive into the deals today. Happy shopping!

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