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10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

1. Yesterday, Joe and I headed up to Peekskill, NY for a hike followed by a pitstop at the Peekskill Brewery (always a favorite combo!!!). This article I came across the other day was such a useful resource for finding the best beer near you.

2. I saw someone tweet out this article with a percentage breakdown of just how inaccurate all-white casts are in terms of how they represent the demographic of America and beyond. Definitely worth a read!

3. Frozen Greyhound cocktails for when the weather gets hot, hot, HOT!

4. If you’re wondering how you can get the most important news of the day packed into a neat little 12-minute package, check out NPR’s Up First podcast.

5. An extremely useful read! Here’s A Handy Infographic For Freelancers On Where To Find Work And How To Get Paid

6. This particularly devastating article was floating around the internet all week, and it’s an absolute must read in my book — My Family’s Slave.

7. The gals over here at TFD were sharing this article about The Skimm newsletter in our Slack channel on Friday, and it was interesting to read how the writer of the article contextualized just why the tone of The Skimm feels so…off.

8. I made an enormous batch of this Chopped Thai Chicken Salad on Sunday and ate it for lunch all week long. (The peanut butter dressing you mix into it is unbelievably good.)

9. This gallery of tried-and-true comfortable summer sandals is much needed at this point in the year!

10. ICYMI — awesome body language tips for faking confidence when you need it.

  • Ellie Hamilton

    7. That article about the Skimm was fascinating. I was a Skimm reader for a long time, and in an email subscription purge about a year ago stopped reading it. Surprisingly enough, after reading that article–totally bashing Skimm–I just resubscribed. Now, obviously the author of that article really doesn’t like the Skimm or what it represents to them. I get that, and they made very valid arguments. But imma just be honest here… half of the political issues they mentioned in the article I didn’t know ANYTHING about. Which had me go, “Hm. Maybe I need to re-engage in world news again.”

    I hate politics. I went from someone who identified a few years ago as an early “Bernie supporter” who was outraged to find out my own brother had never voted in any election, to being practically willfully ignorant. A few months ago y’all posted an article about not letting #selfcare be an excuse to act like a toddler/be an asshole. And I get that. I guess I’m kind of being a toddler/asshole when I just throw up my arms in the air and go, “I CAN’T F*CKING HANDLE POLITICS AND DEPRESSING SH*T IN THE NEWS ANYMORE. I JUST CAN’T.”

    What’s my alternative? Watching the news is a big fat no because I hate advertisements, and I’m just not committed enough to the cause to say, read the top 5 articles on the New York Times or something. I used to check social media and it kept me informed when something big happened in the news, but after the last election and seeing all my people tear each other apart, I just stopped with all the loudness about war, social justice, congress, whatever. I bailed.

    When I realized while reading that article that I was so ignorant of what was happening around me, well, you know what? Skimm felt like a safe place to step back in. Not a place where all my #NASTYWOMEN feminist friends are going to very emotionally tell me their stance on just how little I’m actually doing to fight this administration, not a place where my friend’s dads are going to talk to me about what an idiot Obama was and why he was our worst president ever, not a place where I need to google something from every paragraph to be like, “Wait, the actual hell is happening on this planet?”

    While the author of that article may have an awesome point about the Skimm, I think it elucidates a more over-arching trend in media presentation between “headline news” versus “click bait” versus higher-education-level political debates.

    Since you TFD ladies agreed about the “off”-ness of the Skimm, and hearing my plight on “hey I really need to catch up and stay at least a little more aware of politics,” do you have any suggestions for other news sources that aren’t quite so Ivanka-y?

  • Vianna

    I’ve been reading this blog for years and this is my first time commenting because HOLY LORD THAT SALAD. TFD has had many positive impacts on my life, but sharing that recipe might honestly be the best one. Excuse me while I go lick peanut butter dressing from the bowl.

    • Holly Trantham

      I love that salad & this comment so much

  • GemNoelle

    Great article on the Skimm. I have been reading that newsletter daily for year but post-Trump election I have stopped opening it most days.