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10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

1. The news coming out of London in the aftermath of that devastating fire, which engulfed a high-rise residential apartment building, was just awful to read about.

2. I SO enjoyed this article on what does and doesn’t constitute a ‘Perfect Beach Body’ — The Perfect Beach Body Is B.S. — & These Gorgeous, Un-Retouched Photos Prove It.

3. An interesting write-up on how outdoor gear for women is evolving beyond the old industry adage of, “shrink it and pink it.”

4. I was not feeling any part of the new Katy Perry album Witness, and this New Yorker article was able to pin down some of the reasons why I didn’t find it (and that live-stream nonsense) appealing. A stand-out quote: “when (conversations) are plainly staged in service of an album launch, it feels less like an act of altruism or epiphany than cynical calculation.”

5. On Friday night, I whipped up my first ever Banoffee Pie — a classic British dessert, which I’ve always been meaning to try — and oh boy, was it delicious.

6. If you haven’t already seen our interview with The Today Show’s Jean Chatzky, let me point you in the right direction! =)

7. Did you hear the news that Amazon is buying Whole Foods? Here’s why.

8. I’m going on several vacations and/or trips with friends this year, and I loved reading through this roundup of money tips to make them smoother.

9. These fun DIY coaster projects could be a great idea for a weekend activity with friends + a bottle of rosé.

10. ICYMI — Chelsea and I wrote about the end of our respective spring challenges on the site last week here and here.