10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

1. Happy Sunday, friends! ICYMI, Chelsea and I were featured on The Kitchn’s first installment of My Healthy Morning last week. Check it out!

2. Holly shared this article with me last week, and it was a truly awesome read — Bugging Your Friend To Get Into A Relationship? How Amatonormative Of You.

3. The film Chasing Coral helps us understand the devastating effects of what we’ve done to the ocean, and this article gives some background on the film and what it’s speaks to.

4. How elected officials are fighting for women’s dignity behind bars.

5. “When researchers looked at the DNA of a human population, the mutation rate taught them something about the evolutionary value of sex.” <– From a fascinating Wired article about sex and genetic mutations.

6. I am PUMPED for the return of Game of Thrones — here’s a helpful recap of where we’re at.

7. Those motivational quote roundups always get me inspired and ready to tackle the week ahead, and this one from Entrepreneur is no different.

8. If you’ve ever wondered how you can synched up with a professional mentor, LinkedIn is testing a new feature to let you do just that.

9. Is New York Ready for Insect Ice Cream? OMG I hope not. Goodbye.

10. Since it’s entirely too hot to turn the oven on, but the urge to bake desserts hasn’t left me, this no-bake coconut cream pie is the perfect solution for a summer dessert craving.

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