9 Things I Really Want To Buy, And Why I’m Resisting Them

Do you ever fill up an online shopping cart with aspirational clothing items, beauty products, home décor, or whatever the hell your poison is, knowing full well that you’re going to close the tab as soon as you can get a freaking grip and never actually complete the purchase?

No? Just me?

As you probably know, I’m not exactly a minimalist, and I’m definitely a lover of many different things. People sometimes scoff at my love of things, shouting down at me from atop their high horse that I should be worrying more about experiences. Well, my things are experiences, and I love them just the same. This isn’t to say I hoard, or spend money I don’t have – but when I do have extra cash to throw around, I won’t hesitate to buy something that will make me happy. Sometimes, that might be a trip or a ticket somewhere. Sometimes, it might be a pair of shoes. Sometimes, it might be a shit-ton of gummy bears. It all depends on the day.

However, I do have to curb the spending. Obviously. Or rather, I don’t have to “curb” it so much as I need to continue to not let it win. I’ve always coveted a lot of different things, but never quite been the type to just frivolously buy them. I can be aspirational in my purchasing, yes, but not often impulsive, and I try my best to really think on things before I spend on them.

I have a few different systems for how I do this – one of them is writing a list in my personal journal of things I was tempted to buy, but resisted. This acts as a reminder to me, when I survey the list of temptation at the end of the month, to not allow impulsivity to take control of my credit cards.

Another way I do this is by posting it on the internet, exposing myself to you as a way of shaming myself into not actually spending money on dumb things. So, as a metaphorical-online-shopping-cart, I’m here with a list of things I really really want to buy right now, and why I need to resist them. Wish me luck.

1. Very impractical high-heeled shoes.

I have recently been paralyzed by an obsession with acquiring a sexy pair of pointy-toed heels, preferably in a shade of red or pink, because I’m just feeling that ~extra~ lately. The thing is, I don’t really wear heels – ever. I have a few pairs of them, and they hardly get busted out. Additionally, if I do decide I’m going to add heels to my wardrobe, I should probably invest in a neutral pair that will go with many outfits – not bright freaking red, which will match approximately nothing I own.

2. Peeps Oreos.

The reasons I covet these so desperately are threefold:

  1. I love Peeps.
  2. I love Oreos.
  3. You know exactly what reason number three is.

(Note: reason number three is precisely the reason why I should not buy these cookies.)

3. Pineapple home décor.

Which I want mostly because it is super trendy on Pinterest at the moment, and also because it gets me so excited for summer, which is (sort of) coming soon(ish). I shouldn’t allow myself to purchase any of this, because it is not exactly timeless and classic, and I’ll probably be over it in a month and then want a bunch of new, grown up décor. So I’m going to pass for now. But goddamn these are cute.

4. Sale sweaters.

During transitional periods in the fashion world, last season’s clothing tends to go on mega-clearance. Unfortunately for me, a 75% off sticker basically gets me sexually excited. However, as a New Englander, I have all of the (necessary) warm sweaters I’ll ever need, and really never need to buy new ones unless I have some sort of dramatic weight gain someday, or lose mine in a fire. Also, I’m not really a ~sweater weather~ type of girl. My fall/winter wardrobe is mostly utilitarian; I wait until spring/summer to friggin’ shine.

5. A wok.

I honestly don’t even know what these are used for, but Drew and I both feel that our Adult Kitchen requires one. To be honest, I think I need to educate myself a bit more on cookware before I buy anything else for my tiny-as-heck kitchen that already has more useless pans than I know what to do with.

6. A $30 bag of all-pink Starburst.

Because Amazon Prime is a terrible drug and I need it to be taken away from me. When I start zoning out in class, I daydream about things I love and wonder if they sell it in bulk on Amazon. The answer is almost always yes, which does not bode well for my wallet. I’ve had these in and out of my cart for months, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Someone stop me before I have $30-worth of pink Starburst in my home.

7. A yoga membership.

I do yoga every day, and have for years – but I’ve been flirting with the idea of membership at a studio again, which makes me LOL at myself, because I can’t even sort of afford that right now. Mary… you are a fool.

8. Art to hang in my apartment.

I look on Etsy and Amazon a lot for pretty canvas paintings and prints to hang on my walls, forgetting entirely that a) I love painting and making art myself, and b) this stuff would be so easy for me to DIY since I have all of the supplies already. Also, if I’m going to get anything that I didn’t make myself, it is obviously going to be prints from the TFD shop.

9. ??? from Ikea.

I’ve been dying to go to Ikea lately. But I literally need nothing there. I’ve basically convinced myself I need to go to Ikea, and I think I’ll probably end up going because – duh – I need to – and buying weird shit that I obviously didn’t need enough to be able to identify or write on a list before going to the store. I’m staying away for now, but I think I’ve gotten my boyfriend on board with the “we need to go to Ikea” idea and he’s starting to believe it too. Stop us.

Mary writes every day for TFD, and tweets every day for her own personal fulfillment. Talk to her about money and life at mary@thefinancialdiet.com!

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  • Ros

    Don’t do it. Not any of it.

    … unless some of those on-sale sweaters are nice cotton knit cardigans, in which case, please link me.

  • wrywinterchild

    I would highly recommend getting a wok! This may just be the most used thing in my kitchen.

    • Summer

      Seconded! Woks are super useful, even if you don’t cook a lot of Asian cuisine. Just to have something with high sides that keeps everything in the middle is pretty clutch.

    • ying

      Agree! Woks are amazing and can be used to cook almost anything

  • Jack

    Yeah a wok is probably the best thing on here, but I just make stirfrys in my large dutch oven and it’s fine. I mostly don’t have one due to lack of space.

  • Maz

    RE yoga membership: look into volunteer opportunities with studios in your area. A few around me have this as an option and offer discounted (or even free) membership rates for volunteers

    RE finding art: go to flea markets that may be going on in your area or look into supporting local artists. you can find stuff on the cheap if you want art that isn’t yours.

  • Rebecca Ann

    In support of pineapple décor (but still don’t do it): pineapples are actually a pretty classic décor item, and can look right at home, in certain situations. Obviously, it wouldn’t work with everyone’s style, but for some specific looks, it can be great! But still, you don’t need them. 🙂

  • Melissa

    What is the thing in the picture?!

  • Girl get the wok – but get this one https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01I3V173Q/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    I don’t know how I ever lived life without a wok.

  • Sara

    I am joining the crew of enablers on buying a wok.

  • Summer

    Dude, let me tell you about my own recent “things I really want to buy but I’m resisting” experience. So I have been thinking about a fresh new pair of springtime kicks and have pretty much settled on just a good ole-fashioned pair of bright-white Converse. (I have a pair of white Converse already…they are three years old…they are no longer white nor fully structurally intact.) I peruse Amazon because obviously, and I find them for about €45 which is a solid €20 less than they sell for in stores or various shoe websites. I don’t order them. Instead, I go to a big shoe store to look at them in person (as if I’m unfamiliar with Converse??), which in turn leads to looking around the rest of the store just to browse, which leads me to the bottom floor where the sale/last-pair shoes are. I see a pair of all-black Vagabond sneaks that I’m really digging. They’re sleeker than Converse, leather, and I’m a big fan of the brand. They’re also €60 even on sale. And they’re black, which I know I can and would definitely use, but I was on the prowl for a pair of white shoes. I put them on anyway and of course they’re comfortable, look great with the jeans I have on, and are conveniently the only pair in any size. I tell myself it’s meant to be. I also tell myself to be financially responsible and not buy something on a whim when I was in the process of looking for something else. I hem and haw for a good 45 minutes before snapping a couple of pics of the shoes and ultimately leaving them on the shelf. This was on a Saturday afternoon. By Wednesday night, I’m still thinking about those shoes, and I’m in the area so I decide to pop back into the store. They’re still there. I put them on again and yes, they are still comfortable and yes, they also look good with my other pair of jeans. I browse because that’s what one does when in a shoe store sale section.

    So then I happen upon a pair of Geox flats in a neutral/beige color. I do have a legitimate need for a pair of versatile ballet flats. I put them on, they are quite comfortable. Very comfortable, in fact. And they’re leather/suede, they stay on my feet like a charm (sometimes my heel pops out the back of flats if they aren’t tight enough to cause other problems like uncomfortable rubbing), the soles are solid and comfortable and I don’t feel like I’m walking around on a piece of paper. These shoes are €70, which is €10 more than the other unplanned shoes I was already debating. I tell myself there is absolutely no way I can drop €130 on two pairs of shoes I wasn’t even looking for—out of the question. Even if they are of good quality and high comfort and I can think of multiple uses for both pairs with existing items in my closet. I walk around with the flats on for a good 30 minutes. I go through another round of hemming and hawing in front of mirrors. I put the black shoes back on. I put the flats back on. I put both pairs back on the shelf and go upstairs and wander around the shoes that are NOT on sale. I see the Geox flats in other variations and at full-price, they’re only €20 more than the sale pair I’ve been agonizing over. I see they’re also available in black leather. Black would perhaps be an even more practical color for my needs and definitely more practical than suede. I’m not keen on suede for what is meant to be an ~everyday~ shoe because then I spent my life committed to ensuring that they don’t get wet. Armed with this new information, I decide to go back downstairs and look at those sale flats and the black Vagabonds again because I am ridiculous. I put the flats back on again. Shockingly, they’re still comfortable 15 minutes later. I walk around in them some more. I gaze longingly at the black sneakers I’d come back for in the first place.

    Ultimately I leave both of them on the shelf and walk away, rationalizing that if I couldn’t make a solid decision then I didn’t need either. Reminding myself that I wasn’t looking for anything like either of those shoes when I was on the prowl for Converse. I ended up spending OVER AN HOUR in that store on Wednesday night, going back and forth between these two pairs of shoes, wandering around debating with myself, googling the shoes from my phone to see if they could be had online for less, trying to drum up any logical excuse to buy either of the shoes, and if I would buy one pair, well WHICH ONE would I get?!

    It’s now Friday and yes, I’m still thinking about the black Vagabonds and if I find myself by that store again tomorrow and that one lonely pair is still there, I might get them. If they’re still there a full week later and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them yet, then maybe those actually are meant to be. Maybe the beige flats came into the picture to distract me, to make me thoroughly consider my options.

    tl;dr: I wanted one type of shoes and came across another but didn’t buy them, then when I did go back to buy them I found yet another pair I liked and I got so frazzled I didn’t buy anything even though I really want all of them.


    • Chrs

      It sounds like you need a presentable pair of neutral shoes. If you are willing to give up the Converse, there’s no reason you can’t get the Vagabonds. Decisions are hard, though, and it can be hard to know what you will end up using most. My usual work shoe right now is a $6 pair of black fabric ballet flats from Walmart that I bought because they were cheap and happened to fit. Meanwhile my high-quality leather heeled oxfords that I justified paying $80 for because I was going to wear them on a daily basis sit in my closet. *shrug*

  • On #8, if you want art for your apartment and not to spend a butt-load, go to a thrift store or garage sale hunting. Those things are full of unloved art just looking for a home!


  • Alycia

    Can you join a “Buy Nothing” group? I joined one in my neighborhood and it’s pretty cool. There is some ridiculous stuff being given away, but also sometimes woks and even Starbursts…you do have to be really fast but they are fun and free!