10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, January 01, 2017


Hi! Hello! It’s the first Sunday Links of the new year, hooray! I hope everyone had a fun NYE celebrating with the people you love. Now, let’s jump right into some kickass reads to get your going on the first day of 2017.

1. I sipped on this champagne punch last night before starting off my night and was pleasantly surprised at how refreshing and simple it was to make. However, today I am downing this beginner’s luck smoothie, so it’s all about balance, right??

2. This list of what’s new on Hulu this month is sooooo good, and that means my goal to spend less on entertainment is starting out strong in 2017.

3. One of my New Year’s resolutions (among many) is to vocalize my concerns, thoughts, opinions more strongly and to stand up for myself when need be (something I’m not great at). I found this article about teaching people how to treat you to be really useful and interesting.

4. Over the past week, I’ve been to several museums that were surprisingly expensive and overpriced to get into. This year, I’m doing my research (before I leave the house) as to how I can save money and see all the NYC sights for less.

5. As I positively devoured a 2 AM slice of 99¢ pizza on the streets of New York last night, it got me seriously wondering about the science behind why food tastes better after we’ve been drinking.

6. A f a n t a s t i c list of mistakes we all need to leave behind in the new year. (I am all about number four and five!)

7. Perhaps this topic is only interesting to a select few of us, but these were some of the best illustrators and their work featured in 2016.

8. The terror attack at Reina nightclub in Istanbul last night left me reeling, especially when I think that just a few years ago I was in that exact spot myself. It was very sad to see the news break in the final hours of 2016.

9. I’ve been devouring Netflix’s The Crown, and while some people think it’s boring AF, I find it to be a totally fascinating and a beautiful lavishly-produced series. (The sets! The clothes! The loaded silences! Be still my heart.)

10. I think that we can all agree that the year 2017 is an opportunity for us all to become more politically engaged and active in our communities. This articles provides 25 fantastic ways to do just that.



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