10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, April 02, 2017

1. Just read through this fascinating article about how  time barriers and restrictions could have an impact on what types of foods we eat, and how they can nudge us to make healthier choices.

2. The pictures of this Creamed Spinach Pasta With Pine Nuts And Sausage look insanely good, and I’ve been daydreaming of recreating it every single day it rained in New York this week….and that was every day.

3. As someone who drinks a lot of coffee, I feel like it’s worth it to invest in good beans to brew at home to keep my overall coffee budget in the “acceptable” range. This article walks you through some really useful tips for storing coffee beans.

4. The creators of Serial and This American Life (I LOVE both!) bring us S-Town — a new true-crime podcast that just dropped this past week (all seven chapters at once!). It’s about a murder in an small rural town in Alabama, and it gets RAVE reviews.

5. A fascinating article on how your posture can effect your emotional thinking.

6. I recently watched the first episode of Big Little Lies, a show I didn’t really want to like as much as I did since I haven’t yet read the novel…but it was impossible to stop watching once I started. It’s so good.

7. It would be 100% worth it to buy a bundt cake pan if only to make this recipe — Honey Grapefruit Bundt Cake. YUM

8. I remember filling out the Fasfa form when I went to college a few years ago (which is a doozy to complete), and it’s crazy to read that it got even more confusing for applicants.

9. “Despite the Trump Administration’s concerns, a new paper suggests that the U.S. should instead prepare for a fall in supply of foreign labor” — just a nugget of copy from a really insightful article on the facts about immigration in the U.S.

10. One essential tip for how to save money when ordering takeout.


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