10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, May 21, 2017


1. Yesterday, Joe and I headed up to Peekskill, NY for a hike followed by a pitstop at the Peekskill Brewery (always a favorite combo!!!). This article I came across the other day was such a useful resource for finding the best beer near you.

2. I saw someone tweet out this article with a percentage breakdown of just how inaccurate all-white casts are in terms of how they represent the demographic of America and beyond. Definitely worth a read!

3. Frozen Greyhound cocktails for when the weather gets hot, hot, HOT!

4. If you’re wondering how you can get the most important news of the day packed into a neat little 12-minute package, check out NPR’s Up First podcast.

5. An extremely useful read! Here’s A Handy Infographic For Freelancers On Where To Find Work And How To Get Paid

6. This particularly devastating article was floating around the internet all week, and it’s an absolute must read in my book — My Family’s Slave.

7. The gals over here at TFD were sharing this article about The Skimm newsletter in our Slack channel on Friday, and it was interesting to read how the writer of the article contextualized just why the tone of The Skimm feels so…off.

8. I made an enormous batch of this Chopped Thai Chicken Salad on Sunday and ate it for lunch all week long. (The peanut butter dressing you mix into it is unbelievably good.)

9. This gallery of tried-and-true comfortable summer sandals is much needed at this point in the year!

10. ICYMI — awesome body language tips for faking confidence when you need it.

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