10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, April 17, 2016



1. An important read about what each presidential candidate would do for U.S. workers. The article explains, “where the candidates stand on job creation, employee benefits, and other work-related issues.”

2. When I used to work at a traditional office, useless-feeling meetings were the bane of my existence. If you, too, are tired of them, read this article about how to make them more effective.

3. This citrus spritzer recipe is definitive proof that spritzers aren’t some lame ’80s mom drink.

4. I’m intrigued by this “coffee nap” idea, and am totally willing to give it a whirl! In a nutshell, you drink a cup of coffee, take a short nap immediately following, and get some rest before the caffeine kicks in. Brilliant.

5. A supposedly “safer” ridesharing service for women, Chariot For Women, is launching on April 19th. It’s stirring up controversy, and some critics say it may or may not be legal.

6. Check out these fantastic ways to spring-clean your finances, which will leave you feeling lighter and happier. 

7. I’m always a mess at packing for short-term trips, and I always assume I’ll need way more items than I, in reality, could ever need. This article is a great packing resource for short-term business trips.

8. I thoroughly enjoyed this TED talk called What Really Matters At The End Of Life — check it out!

9. This article will help you decide what questions to ask yourself when doing a closet purge, which was super helpful for someone as indecisive as myself.

10. ICYMI — Chelsea tracked what products she used and what she spent on them during her journey to glowy-skin perfection.

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