10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday


1. Devastating photos and video footage from some of the areas that have been hid hardest by Hurricane Irma.

2. Check out this inspiring installment of How I Get It Done, with Maggie Haberman.

3. Loved this super-helpful article about the questions you should ask your coworkers when starting a new job, to help you gain useful insight.

4. Why Work 70 Hours A Week? — why indeed?

5. This past Friday, we celebrated Holly’s one-year anniversary at TFD, and I whipped up this chocolate cake recipe, which a bunch of you have been asking for the recipe to!

6. The insanely good looking bowl of corn chowder soup from this Bon Appetit farmer’s market recipe roundup, made me seriously drool.

7. ICYMI — Mary wrote a really amazing article about what it’s been like for her to grow up in front of the TFD comments section, which hasn’t always been easy.

8. “All told, as much as 44 percent of the US population will feel the impact of this breach for years to come, especially when it comes to their Social Security numbers.” <– from the Wired article about the massive Equifax Breach.

9. I loved this episode of On The Media which talked about the way we, as a society, speak about “natural disasters” and how it affects our perception and reaction to them.

10. As I type this, the realization that en route to Montana for a work trip, I misplaced my sunglasses in the airport. As I agonize over how much of an airhead I am, this light-hearted article of 15 ways to stop losing you sunglasses, is making me feel a teeny bit better.

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