10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

1. My mouth was hanging open when I read Trump’s statement on getting aid to Puerto Rico, and his revelation that it’s surrounded by “big water.” Yikes.

2. An eye-opening article about the melting polar ice caps and how the devastating effects of climate change aren’t going to stay just there.

3. Living minimally is one of those things that sounds really great and easy to do, but I can never totally fight my impulses to hoard memorabilia and little knick knacks that build up into little piles of stuff. I found this article, filed with tips for living minimally, super helpful.

4. If you’ve ever wondered exactly how to achieve those dreamy, crispy breakfast potatoes at home, look no further!

5. Fascinating — political body language and the Angela Merkel exception.

6. Oh good god, Chelsea shared this New Yorker article with me on Friday and said “it “f*%ked me up,” lol. Naturally I had to give it a read, and boy did it do the same for me — The Repressive, Authoritarian Soul of “Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends.”

7. As someone who struggles with distilling my personal fashion sensibility down to something cohesive and consistent, I found this Who What Wear article on the different steps to take to help design your own style to be a great read.

8. I am so, so in love with this Kate McKinnon interview, profile, and (hilariously improved business presentation)

9. Made a giant pot of this escarole and little meatball soup for dinner this week and thoroughly enjoyed every last spoonful — highly recommend!

10. “It’s no longer enough for a modern marriage to simply provide a second pair of strong hands to help tend the homestead, or even just a nice-enough person who happens to be from the same neighborhood. Instead, people are increasingly seeking self-actualization within their marriages, expecting their partner to be all things to them. Unfortunately, that only seems to work if you’re an Olympic swimmer whose own husband is her brusque coach.” <– From an article about whether or not we expect too much from our romantic partners. 

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