10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

1. Yet another high-powered man in media has been fired for sexual harassment — read Variety’s exclusive on Matt Lauer if you haven’t yet.

2. This handy guide to what’s new on Netflix this month will be super helpful for the cold nights in when I can’t decide what to watch.

3. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty excited to see all the news surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement (if only for the relief it provides to my news feeds). Read why this engagement is so significant here.

4. Apparently, the Frozen spinoff short film is so bad that Disney is pulling it as the lead-in to screenings of Coco (which I really want to see!).

5. “Barack Obama’s farewell address encouraged us to reach across partisan lines. But there is a difference between disagreeing over taxes and negotiating one’s place in America, the bodies of your children, your humanity. Our racial wound has undone love and families, and ignoring the depths of the gash will not cause it to heal.” – from this must-read opinion piece from the NY Times.

6. Racked provided this awesome guides to Instagram-worthy face masks that actually work.

7. The NFL seems on the brink of falling apart — read why here.

8. I’m starting to think there’s nothing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can’t do, which now includes setting the world record for cereal box dominos?!?

9. BET’s exploration of how Hollywood has let down Terry Crews in the wake of his coming forward as a victim of sexual assault is heartbreaking — and eye-opening.

10. ICYMI, this is a handy guide to judging whether or not you *need* something you’re about to buy!

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