10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, May 08, 2016



1. Happy Mother’s Day! Be sure to read this awesome article about female entrepreneurs called, In Honor of Mother’s Day, Here are 7 Mompreneurs Who Founded Million-Dollar Businesses.

2. Go ahead and whip up something special for your mom today, and make this pretty lady lemonade. While it’s intended to be enjoyed for its beautifying ingredients/properties, this drink would be super easy to spike with vodka for an extra special treat.

3. I loved reading through one woman’s experience with trying out Google Goals. The article chronicles her hilarious (and endearing) attempts to fit in even MORE personal achievements while working, raising two kids, and being a good partner.

4. This article explores the growing value of emotional intelligence as a more valuable and desirable trait to seek out in a potential job applicant.

5. If you’ve ever longed for a career website built especially for women, check out this article about FairyGodBoss which, “collects reviews and tips about company culture and benefits submitted by women workers.”

6. We got into a little Meyer-Briggs personality discussion the other day at TFD HQ, and I subsequently  enjoyed reading this article about what your personality type means for your career preferences.

7. If you’re celebrating today with flowers for you mom, be sure to check out this article on the 10 top inexpensive flowers that are beautiful AND budget friendly.

8. If you live around the NYC area, be sure to check out this food-based cheap eats guide to the city (whose dumplings are already making my mouth water!).

9. This brilliant article explored how women are mistreated at work through the use of action figures.

10. ICYMI — an article we wrote awhile back about the maternity leave facts that you need to know. The insight is depressing, but it’s filled with facts we owe it to ourselves to know.

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