10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, June 07, 2015


1. AmAzInG looking summer cocktails you can make at home.

2. I feel as if I get easily lost in reading interesting/funny/unproductive content on the internet. Trying one of these five ideas might help me stay focused while I work online.

3. Keeping in theme with the article above, here are 20 fantastic productivity apps that will keep you moving forward.

4. A very useful article for freelancers — how to protect your personal assets from liability.

5. The perfect summer reading list for 2015.

6. An interesting read about stress about money, and how to handle it.

7. High schools are finally beginning to require personal finance courses.

8. Toast slathered with butter and orange marmalade is a total weakness of mine, but these toast varieties have me rethinking my traditional favorite.

9. A fascinating read about the reason behind why women put themselves down.

10. These golden beet chips with spicy goat cheese dip look like everything I could ever want/need on a lazy Sunday.

5th image in graphic via David Schott on Flickr.

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