10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, July 12, 2015


1. A great round-up of the three big money to-dos for each decade of your life.

2. While these 11 essential money tips for new college grads might seem like they only apply to young twenty-somehtings, they cover important takeaways that can benefit us all.

3. Have travel plans this month? So does the rest of the world. Here’s how to survive the month of July — the busiest travel month of the year.

4. I usually only enjoy drinking gin in the summertime, but these incredibly refreshing recipes are making me rethink that stance.

5. Yikes, this article is a sad but informative read about women and their money management skills.

6. So many people I talk to don’t know what’s going on with Greece’s debt crisis, but it’s something that will affect us all. Here are seven key things you need to know.

7. These top 50 summer dinner recipes open up so many possibilities for at-home cooking, and the black bean and salmon tostadas are a must try in my book.

8. Literally, always relevant: How To Save Money On Brunch.

9. Poor grammar mistakes that are easily corrected, but are making you look unprofessional.

10. Ever wondered which days of the week were the cheapest to shop for certain items? Now you know.

Image 2 & 4 in graphic, via Flickr

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