10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, August 30, 2015


1. Heading back to college? This list of essential tips for saving money while furnishing your dorm (or college apartment) is a must read.

2. Richard Branson on when you know it’s time to quit your day job in favor of something more entrepreneurial.

3. A fascinating article that discuss the possibility of the next recession occurring in China.

4. Check it out — The Only Grocery Shopping List You’ll Ever Need.

5. I love the look of gallery walls, but they seem incredibly expensive to put together. Here are some excellent tips for creating a gallery wall on a budget!

6. This article offers up three ways to get unstuck from a career rut, and can help you make the decision that’s been nagging at you.

7. This money personality quiz asks great questions that force you to think of the ways in which money plays a role in your daily life. Find out what your personality is — I got, The Hustler.

8. It’s definitely worth reading these five money tips for millennials looking to save more, and plan for their future.

9. These are 11 genius tricks to make the very most out of a tiny living space.

10. ICYMI, a great article on how social media can leave us scratching our heads at how others afford their lifestyle, and how to keep our heads up when we can’t do the same.

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