10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, February 21, 2016



1. ICYMI — Exactly What I Could Have Done With All The Money I Spent On Coffee In 2015. Jenn is my spirit animal

2. This Ultimate Checklist for Not Being Annoying on Social Media is honesty stressful as hell. There is simply too much to consider.

3. Women are often told they can (most likely) expect to face challenge, bias, and sexism in the workplace. Can all these negative messages make women feel that our careers are beyond our control to some degree? This is an interesting article about this potentially dangerous self-fulfilling prophecy.

4. Check out this unsurprising-yet-necessary read about how U.S employee benefits compare to Europe’s employee benefits. Warning: this article will likely cause a general sense of sadness.

5. For all you Shark Tank lovers out there — check out this emotional Shark Tank pitch before it airs on TV.

6. A yummy cocktail — The Neroli. Gin + Campari + Amaro + orange and other delicious things combined into one beautiful-looking cocktail.

7. A blessing of an article for all of us who are renting and don’t have that much flexibility — How Can I Upgrade My Rental Apartment Without Upsetting My Landlord?

8. We obviously know that teaching personal finance courses starting at a young age is ideal, but our system for doing so is far from perfect. Check out this article that explores just exactly what and where the conflict of interest is.

9. I have to admit, I’m only now hearing of musician Kesha’s intense dealings with her allegedly abusive producer, Dr. Luke. This article, How We Failed To Protect Kesha, was a very eye-opening read for me.

10. I’m getting married one month from today (!), and I’m going to make sure I’ve checked off every one of these five essential money conversations before I say “I do.”

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