10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Saturday, March 19, 2016


1. You guys, the photos of this Pastrami-Brisket Hash recipe look u n r e a l. I don’t even eat beef, but like *drools over computer screen*, maybe I should.

2. If y’all are wondering, there is (SURPRISE) no magic way to make easy money online. It’s hard work, and it does require patience and diligence. However, if you are determined to make it work, check out this article about the basics of how to do it well.

3. A scary cautionary tale about how easy it is to fall into an unhealthy financial relationship — ‘I’ll Take Care Of The Bills’: The Slippery Slope Into Financial Abuse.

4. Like many people, I’m always looking for ways to be more productive and make my work-life balance feel more zen. This article is super helpful, and it explains six relatively easy tricks for staying productive and on top of your shit. 

5. I remember how difficult it was to furnish/pay to furnish our first apartment — every store we visited seemed more expensive than the last. Cue this article on the 10 awesomely-affordable stores to buy furniture! Definitely worth checking out.

6. As a 26-year-old millennial who lives with pretty sizable student debt, this article on how millennials view our collective situation was a fantastic read.

7. This is my preferred method for kicking that bleak feeling of getting sick — Boozy Cures For The Common Cold.

8. This election is beginning to move into some scary territory; I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who might feel forced to consider relocating to Canada in the not-so-distant future if the worst happens.

9. This is a really insightful article on how “single ladies” are shaping our nation, and what that rising power might mean for future generations.

10. I’m someone who really used to love shopping at J. Crew, but I’ve felt underwhelmed with their products as of late. This is an eye-opening read about how the chain struggled particularly badly at the end of last year.

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