10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, May 05, 2019


1. This line of miniature furniture for cats is extremely important.

2. “But power is not distributed equally, and too many white men—politicians, media powerhouses, funders, people I crash into on social media—are using theirs in all those familiar ways. Also, a whole hell of a lot of them are medaling in unconscious bias. In 2016 I wrote, ‘With their deep belief in their own special monopoly on objectivity, slightly too many men assure me that there is no misogyny in their subjective assessments or even no subjectivity and no emotion driving them, and there are no grounds for other opinions since theirs is not an opinion.’ I wish that wasn’t still the case, and I fear how it will yet again affect election outcomes.” Some required reading from Rebecca Solnit (one of my all-time favorites).

3. This is a lovely feature on a new, free online collection of centuries-old children’s books.

4. If you have not yet read this super popular expose of a cult that developed at Sarah Lawrence, you must.

5. I’ve been personally very annoyed with celebrities ignorantly calling out critics lately (simply because they don’t like what they’re saying), so I really appreciated reading this.

6. This YouTuber faked a trip to Coachella, and it was extremely convincing. Good for her tbh.

7. I haven’t seen this covered in national newspapers (forgive me if I’ve simply missed it), but students at Johns Hopkins are actively protesting private police and the militarization of their school. I think they are so brave — definitely read about them here.

8. Oh man — this piece on men being “emotional gold diggers” is almost too accurate.

9. This ACLU piece on the racist roots of voter suppressions, specifically when it comes to incarcerated people, is a must-read.

10. ICYMI: I asked people how they got motivated to work out before they felt “in shape” enough for the gym!

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