10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

1. Chelsea recently recommended this series from Slate, and I gotta say, it is fascinating to read a couples’ dialogue about what they fight about (and clearly see which one is being unreasonable, imo).

2. Currently salivating over this hummingbird cake recipe, OMG.

3. I am always here for bridal party email drama, fictional and non, and this excerpt from an upcoming book from Buzzfeed did not disappoint.

4. “Viewed on this grand of a scale, it’s easy to see the folly in believing that with enough money, my physical appearance is perfectible. But the way I make the smaller choices available to me belies that calm and smug conclusion. Every few months, I pay to make myself look like myself again. For now, it’s a bargain I’m willing to make.” From a beautiful piece about the money a writer spends just to look like “herself.”

5. This Racked exploration of how fashion brands are, for some reason, obsessed with clementines was extremely entertaining.

6. This New Yorker article about watching The Breakfast Club during the #MeToo era was very well-written and thoughtful.

7. Medium launched a new online magazine called Unruly Bodies, created by Roxane Gay — everything I’ve read in it so far has been so good, I can’t simply link to one post. Check it out!

8. Among every news item that’s been circulating about student activists since the Parkland shooting, I’m finding it important to remind myself that the people who started the Black Lives Matter movement were there first — and of the people who, even at that specific school, are being ignored and unheard.

9. Some people saw Daniel Day-Lewis with a flip phone on the subway, which is kind of delightful.

10. ICYMI: Read what journaling every day for six years did for one writer’s life!

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