10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

1. I don’t consider myself a heavy drinker by any means, but this article about all the lengths the alcohol industry has gone into to cover up the negative health effects of alcohol definitely has me rethinking my habits.

2. This is local news, but I have to share this story of how someone called 911 reporting a tiger on the loose in Manhattan, and authorities arrived only to find…a raccoon.

3. I have been dreaming about this blintz baked french toast all week, OMG.

4. “Female beauty standards are a double-edged sword for trans women. It is a never-ending balancing act, getting the ‘right’ combination of feminine and masculine in our appearance to align with society’s impossibly narrow criteria in a way that offers us safety in passing as our true genders — and that line is very thin. Sometimes I know I’m a real woman because everyone has an unsolicited opinion about my appearance.” From a beautifully written and important piece in Allure by writer Katelyn Burns.

5. This profile of Cardi B. is a must-read.

6. After recently moving and putting more care and attention into my home than I have…ever, I am also finding myself becoming more detail-oriented when it comes to keeping it clean, so I loved this spring cleaning guide.

7. We’ve talked about the detrimental effects of “wellness culture” here a few times, but damn — this book review makes it out to be even darker than I’d previously thought.

8. A lot of misguided people have been backing a new law intended to curb sex trafficking, despite the fact that many have been pointing out the detrimental consequences it’s going to have on several communities.

9. If you have any questions about the upcoming royal wedding, this handy guide probably has your answer.

10. ICYMI: here are eight moves that could net you an extra $550 per month!

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