10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

1. This incredibly sweet interview with married couple Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody, which I definitely cried reading.

2. “This week, Trump posted on social media a photo of herself gazing at a wall of pills at an opioid-related memorial. The sleeves of her pink overcoat hung like dead fish from her shoulders, with no arms to shape them or hands to give them a natural end. Her unclothed arm, meanwhile, reached out from within to touch the wall. The optical effect made her look inhuman, with the wrong number of limbs attached at all the wrong angles.” This thinkpiece on Melania’s unwillingness to wear sleeves as intended was pretty delightful.

3. I loved this fascinating essay on America’s “utopian” communities.

4. In honor of Earth Day, this eco-friendly Hawaiian home is giving me serious real estate envy.

5. A very interesting look at why, ahead of this year’s midterm elections, more candidates are embracing openly identifying as socialist.

6. A nice little story about a very good dog helping a lost little girl, if you’re in the mood for happy tears. :’)

7. This criticism of Ready Player One (something I personally have no interest in reading/watching) was super thoughtful.

8. Pretty entertaining to read the best Yelp reviews of the now-closed Dash, a store owned by the Kardashian sisters.

9. A friend of mine recently realized she was too dependent on caffeine and had to cut it out of her life. I’m not there personally, but if that sounds like you, definitely check out this how-to guide.

10. ICYMI: I adored this super sweet post about the extremely rewarding tradition of a weekly dinner party!

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