10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, June 23, 2019

1. This Pride, remember that just because a company totes a rainbow-flag or merchandise does not mean they support LGBT causes — in fact, it often means they are providing a cover for quite the opposite.

2. This is a very fun piece on an NYC dog mom pageant (as in, human women with dogs, not dogs with puppies).

3. Loved reading this interview with Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness!

4. “To be clear, having more space does generally lead to people saying they’re more pleased with their home. The problem is that the satisfaction often doesn’t last if even bigger homes pop up nearby. ‘If I bought a house to feel like I’m ‘the king of my neighborhood,’ but a new king arises, it makes me feel very bad about my house,’ Bellet wrote to me in an email.

“The largest houses seem to be the ones that all the other homeowners base their expectations on. In neighborhoods where the biggest houses are more modest, Bellet told me, expanding the size of one’s house can be 10 times as satisfying as undertaking such an expansion in a neighborhood where the biggest homes are palatial.” Such an interesting read about a fascinating (IMO) trend in American materialism.

5. If you have not yet read about YouTube’s mishandling of the god-awful Steven Crowder situation, definitely read this.

6. I definitely recommend reading this article if you’re a woman in the professional sphere, all about latent reasons we can’t seem to climb the ladder when we should be able to.

7. If you have trouble telling coworkers that something they ask of you is not in your job description, definitely check out this advice column!

8. Nicholas Sparks is apparently an awful homophobe, among other things.

9. If you haven’t read it yet, this opinion piece on how the “wellness industry” as just the regular old diet industry in new clothes is a must-read.

10. ICYMI: I’m honored we got to publish this piece on substance abuse and who can afford access to a second chance — check it out.

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