10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

1. If you commute to work by train and use that time to catch up on email before getting to the office, a new study shows that that time should be counted as part of the workday.

2. “Falling in love, cherishing a friend, feeling emotionally fulfilled—those are the successes that aren’t quite recognized, aren’t quite believed. Sure, they’re great, but wouldn’t they be even better with money behind them? With a stable job? You wouldn’t have to worry. In other words: You’re happy, but you’d be happier with all that and money, too.” From a beautiful essay about conflating money with happiness (and crystals).

3. The New York Times Smarter Living section has become one of my favorite destinations on the internet — I love this step-by-step guide to getting a raise.

4. I’m beyond annoyed (and grossed out) by Louis C.K.’s “comeback” — glad to see this perspective from a few women in the audience that night.

5. TFD was featured in this list of great money books to read this year — check out the rest of them!

6. The is a delightful profile of the women behind a new skincare podcast called Glowing Up (which I’m definitely going to give a listen to now).

7. Arkansas is the most sexist state in the nation, according to this map.

8. This is the sweetest vows column I’ve ever read, about how a man officiated his birth parents’ wedding 36 years after being born — cue the tears.

9. I won’t lie, guys: I am extremely amped for the Lady Gaga remake of A Star is Born and I’m so glad it’s getting great reviews, like this one.

10. ICYMI: I loved Shammara’s piece on learning to embrace her natural hair in the workplace!

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