10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, September 23, 2018

1. This article on how wrong we understand obesity is a must-read.

2. I don’t have the best understanding of how things at the NFL have worked concerning Colin Kaepernick, and this is a great (and eye-opening) explainer.

3. “In San Juan, I often heard some version of the following aphorism: ‘A few percent of something is better than 39 percent of nothing.’ Meaning: ‘The few dollars we contribute in sales and property tax is better than the zero dollars we’d contribute if the incentives hadn’t drawn us down here.’ Peter Schiff, a libertarian podcast personality who moved to Puerto Rico after Act 22, put it bluntly: Who would come to a bankrupt island to pay high income taxes?'” From a pretty upsetting article about how Puerto Rico has become a new tax haven for super rich Americans, and what that means amid the damage done by Hurricane Maria.

4. If you haven’t yet read about Christine Blasey Ford and her accusation of Brett Kavanaugh, please make sure you do so.

5. This article on white fragility was definitely something I needed to read, as uncomfortable as it may be.

6. Moving on to lighter news now, like how great this savory green onion pancake recipe looks!

7. This is a beautiful piece on a writer’s shared familial love of Korean cooking.

8. One of my favorite websites, Racked, has been rebranded as The Goods by Vox — I loved this history of how fedoras became synonymous with male terribleness.

9. As I get older and my priorities shift, stories like these of people trading their big-city lives for a small town existence really resonate with me.

10. ICYMI: I just loved this post on how much one writer has spent on dudes so far this year (and I think many of us can relate).

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