10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Link Round Up 10

1. Divine looking Rosemary Lime Cocktails that are refreshing and seasonal.

2. A great piece in the NYtimes where people talk about their biggest financial lessons.

3. Need help finding inspiration to kickstart new projects and ideas? These 12 tips can help.

4. Springtime means lots of outdoor cafe breaks, walks through the park and warm weather fashion. Here are 14 pairs of sunglass that are cheap but don’t look that way.

5. A visual tool for uncovering where in the U.S. the gender wage gap is highest.

6. Just starting your journey in investing? Check out Fidelity’s guide to investment basics.

7. How to use leftovers from a big batch of quinoa – cauliflower quinoa cakelets!

8. The most important financial tips for new college grads to remember.

9. As warm weather travel picks up remember these tips for traveling on a budget.

10. Behind in your retirement savings plan? Here are 3 ways to help you catch up!

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