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11 Insanely Practical Target Buys Under $10

By | Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Raise your hand if you’re a little obsessed with Target. (We know you are, don’t be shy — it’s okay, we are too!) Target is a magical wonderland of stuff. You can find almost anything you need there, from laundry detergent to metallic ankle boots — and at a great price, too. And although it seems to be the perfect store to walk into with zero shopping list and no agenda other than wandering aimlessly waiting for useless and unnecessary items to speak to you and beg you to take them home, it also is chock full of ridiculously practical items that will improve your everyday life, and at an awesome price.

In the most recent installment of The Lifestyle Fix over on our YouTube channel, Tasha takes us through 11 insanely practical Target buys that will cost you less than $10, but bring so much value to your day-to-day. If you woke up this morning with that weird “I need to go to Target today for no reason” urge (we’ve all been there!) or you’re just curious what actually-useful things you’re missing out on when you get super distracted by the dollar section, check out the video below!

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