15 TFD Readers Share Their Favorite Time-Saving, Splurge-Worthy Products

By | Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Sometimes a splurge is just worth it. And that’s especially true if you’re splurging on something that saves you time. After all, nothing is as valuable as your time. This week, TFD readers were kind enough to share their favorite time-saving splurge-worthy products.

1. “An extra-long phone charging cord lol” — Bethel

2. ” United Club annual lounge pass (well, not anymore). I used to travel for work and having a loving pass meant I could work, eat, caffeinated, and pee all within 5 minutes of getting off a plane.” –Lauren

3. “Gardening gloves since we use it for oven mitts, gardening, cleaning, house maintenance/reno stuff, everything lol!” –Daniella

4. “Bit the bullet on a robot vacuum during holiday clearance and I spend 1/4 the time on flooring that I used to. Definitely worth looking into if you have pets.” –Andria

5. “I’m super into @cooksmarts for amazing meal plans that are easy to adjust and customize. They even have meal prep steps and a pre-generated grocery list.” –Elyssa

6. “Instant pot, thrive market membership, and Roku.” –Rebecca

7. “Shark, self-emptying robot vacuum! With 2 dogs, this is great. Also we named her Janet from  The Good Place, which makes me happy.” –Ashley

8. “I recently bought a handheld vacuum so I don’t have to pull out my big vacuum for tiny messes. I’ve had it 3 days and I’m obsessed.” –Sydney

9. “Global Entry. With this year being an exception, I usually fly international a few times and every time I return to the US I’m thrilled by how quickly I can get home when I land. One time I timed it and it was less than 30 minutes from plane to Uber home.” –Antoinette

10. “The Instant Pot was the turning point for me to stop defaulting to takeout. Truly life changing.” –Maggie

11. “A steam mop. So much better than using cleaners (I’ve got dogs that often lick the floor) and my floors just feel cleaner when walking barefoot. Plus the pads are reusable, just wash ’em with my towels. Saving up for a Roomba type of vacuum next!” –Maria

12. Started doing weekly curbside grocery pickups at  @FrysFoodStores last month. It’s free during the pandemic, but otherwise just $5/order. Saves at least an hour of shopping + coming into contact with shoppers not wearing face masks.” –Trevor

13. “hot tools one step blow-out! it’s the most expensive beauty-related item I’ve ever bought, but it saves me so much time and makes my hair look great.” –Wren

14. “A super-long ethernet cable! My wireless connection used to crap out all the time while I was trying to work (using online software, uploading content) and the connection is just faster in general. We also plug it into the TV for a faster YT-viewing experience.” –Sarah

15. “Honestly a ninja individual blender. I don’t have to scrape out a clunky, big blender and deal with cleaning that and a cup later.” –Sky

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