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3 Dinner Recipes For People Who Can’t Cook

By | Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Hands down, one of the biggest budget busters has to be food. Don’t get us wrong — we appreciate the convenience of being able to order takeout with the push of a button via a delivery app on our phones, but constantly ordering in adds up over time. As does eating out frequently. Those $20 – $25 brunch dates might not seem pricey at first, but when you’re shelling out that much every single weekend (sometimes multiple times in a week), your bank account will eventually start screaming out for help. Cooking at home, however, doesn’t cost nearly as much, and it will save you a considerable amount of money. Just think about how much cheaper groceries cost than having someone make food for you.

But for those of us who are terrible in the kitchen, the prospect of cooking our own meals may be downright scary. You may have a fear that anything you make will taste terrible, and you’ll only end up wasting all the money you spent at the supermarket on food. Well, that’s where recipes come in. In this week’s The Lifestyle Fix, Tasha is sharing three dinner recipes she personally loves that are so simple to follow, even a total kitchen newbie could pull them off. Whether you’re new to cooking or do it all the time and are just looking for new dishes to try out, head over to TFD’s YouTube channel to find out what easy-to-recreate meals Tasha highly recommends.


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