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5 Job Interview Questions You Should Never Answer

By | Thursday, August 09, 2018

Job interviews are incredibly nerve-wracking, but one of the best ways to quell your anxieties around the entire process is to prepare for each one as much as possible. Before the big day, do your due diligence to ensure you make a great impression on your interviewer — research the company and its mission, come up with thoughtful questions about the role, and look over your resume for talking points. No matter the position you’re interviewing for, you should always put your best foot forward.

That said, no matter how much research or how many mock interviews you do beforehand, sometimes you get thrown a curveball. While it’s normal to get caught off guard from time to time with a question you never thought of or considered, interviewers are obligated to keep it professional, and their line of questioning should always be focused on the position they are trying to fill. Sometimes, though, people cross the line by asking invasive questions.

If you’re ever caught in such a situation, always remember that while securing a job is incredibly important, so is your personal life — protect it at all costs. In this week’s video, Chelsea goes over five illegal questions you should never ever answer in a job interview, no matter how much your interviewer pushes you to. They should be able to properly evaluate your skills and whether you’re a good fit for the company without prying. Head over to the TFD channel to find out which questions you should always avoid.


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