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5 “Luxury” Items That Are Never Worth The Money

By | Monday, May 06, 2019

If you’ve been reading or watching TFD for any amount of time, you’re probably familiar with one of our very core philosophies: there is absolutely no one “right” way to spend money. As long as you’re taking care of your health and your financial future, whatever you want to spend your money on is totally up to you. As Tasha says in our most recent episode of The Lifestyle Fix, “Money’s sole purpose is to help us buy the things that we want.”

That being said, there are some things that, generally speaking, often aren’t worth the money we end up spending on them. Sometimes, we’re tempted to buy something at a high price simply because it has been labeled a “luxury”-level item — even when we can get something of the same (or better!) quality at a higher price. In this episode of The Lifestyle Fix, Tasha shares which luxury items she personally feels aren’t worth the money. Case in point: designer mascara. For nearly two or three times the amount you can spend on a drugstore mascara, you can buy a fancy mascara under a designer label of the same actual quality — and you’ll still need to throw it out after the recommended three months. Head over to the TFD YouTube channel to hear the rest of the “luxury” items Tasha refuses to spend money on!

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