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5 Self-Improvement Purchases That Are Actually Worth It

By | Thursday, May 03, 2018

We’ve talked before on TFD about the idea of making purchases with the intention of becoming a “better version of yourself,” and for the most part, we have tended to err on the side of “spending money on aspirational self-improvement is often not a good idea.” And a lot of times, that is true — going out to buy a new outfit won’t make you a better person, nor will having a perfectly decorated home or a pricey Instagrammable lunch bring you much closer to the person you want to be on the inside.

But even though frivolous spending in the name of becoming “better” won’t usually change your life in the ways you hope they will, there are a lot of times that self-improvement spending is actually totally worth it. There are some things in life that, with a little money behind them, might really positively impact your day-to-day, and actually be just as life-improving as you want them to be. Because no, money can’t “buy happiness” — but it sure can help you support a lifestyle that makes you feel happy and healthy, which might just be the same thing.

In this week’s video over on the TFD YouTube channel, Chelsea went over five self-improvement purchases that usually prove to actually be worth every penny spent on them. If you have a little room in your budget and want to improve your life in a healthy, sustainable way, head over to the channel to find out what these totally-worth-it purchases are.

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