5 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

1. Taxes. Are. Not. Fun. These 9 helpful organizational tips for getting yourself prepared to file your taxes, will make your life during tax season a hell of a lot easier.

2. In a world where it seems like we are all juggling multiple jobs, projects and responsibilities, and are constantly connected to technology, here are 5 tips for working smarter.

3. Looking to stay in and watch the Oscars tonight? This whiskey and grapefruit cocktail is what fancy Sunday night sipping looks like.

4. Coupling finances with your partner can be a tricky subject to tackle. Here are some tips on how you can navigate that conversation with your significant other.

5. If yesterday’s at home brunch game plan didn’t already convince you that tackling a potluck brunch was doable, then these breakfast nachos will surely do the trick.

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