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6 Things You Should Never Buy From Amazon

By | Monday, March 11, 2019

Let’s face it: online shopping is just a regular part of life at this point. We’ve become super accustomed to convenience, and for many of us, hitting “buy now with one click” has become second nature. Of course, the convenience of online shopping isn’t just a frivolous luxury — it can also mean less time spent running errands and shopping and more time spent being active or with loved ones.

That said, if you’re an Amazon Prime user, it can be difficult to reconcile that things can have value even if they don’t come with free 2-day shipping. And sometimes, Amazon just isn’t the right place to buy what it is you need (and if you avoid ordering anything from the mega-store in the first place, we completely get it). Case in point: Clothing. Ordering online is already a risk, and when you order from Amazon, you’re probably even less familiar with the brand and the fit than you would be with one of your go-to clothing stores. Also, the quality levels of clothing on Amazon are kind of a shot in the dark — and unless an item lists “free return” as a feature, you’ll definitely be out that shipping fee if you do end up needing to return it. Be sure to check out this week’s episode of The Lifestyle Fix to hear about the other items you should never buy from Amazon!

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