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8 Facts About Women & Money That Everyone Should Know

By | Tuesday, April 28, 2015

featured image-01Money amongst young women is one of those taboo subjects that seems totally immune to the openness we’ve found with so many other subjects. Cultural phenomenons like Sex and the City or Girls are incredibly bold about everything from sex to drug use to marriage, money is one of those issues that simply isn’t tackled, except to occasionally note how bad the leading ladies are with it. Somehow money always ends up working out for them, of course, whether it’s a check from mom and dad or a penthouse from Mr. Big, and we’re none the wiser. It’s just one of those things that, over brunch or drinks, doesn’t really get discussed.

But that’s a shame, because as we know, our silence about money is only hurting us (both as a gender and individually). Even on this very blog, our Financial Confessions series shows us time and time again that not protecting and preparing yourself can leave you in total ruin after a relationship, and not just emotionally. The time for big money questions — investment, retirement, negotiations — to be handled by the man in the relationship is long over. As women, we must steel ourselves in times of singledom and coupledom, ready for the worst (but hoping for the best, of course). If seeing Carrie Bradshaw nearly get evicted from her own apartment because she had no savings wasn’t enough, perhaps these sobering facts will motivate you.

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