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9 Unnecessary Items You Think You Need To Buy

By | Thursday, January 18, 2018


Ever notice how difficult it feels to save money, but how easy it feels to spend it? Yeah — us too.

When you enter adulthood, you’re pretty much instantly bombarded with different ideas of what you need to purchase and own in order to live your life the way you think you’re supposed to.

We spend money on everything from club memberships we don’t take advantage of to phone and cable bills that go almost entirely unused. And quite frankly, it is ridiculous. There are so many things we buy because we somehow deem it a necessity, only to get it home and never acknowledge or use it again, until we finally toss it out once we notice it collecting dust. And it is important to take stock of these unnecessary purchases, because more often than not, the sneaky small things we spend on despite fully not needing them are the things that blow our budgets, and hold us back from reaching the financial goals we want to achieve. Acknowledging our tendency to spend unnecessarily on certain things (and doing everything on our power to prevent ourselves from getting into situations where we may feel the gravitational pull to purchase these unnecessary things) is an important step in our own personal and financial growth.

So here at TFD, we’re on a mission to stop buying this shit altogether. In this week’s YouTube video, Chelsea lists nine unnecessary items that you might think you need to buy, but really don’t. Check it out here! (Then when you’re finished watching, go get rid of that dumb veggie spiralizer that’s been sitting in the back of your closet for three years — and don’t buy another! Just eat regular spaghetti and/or vegetables.)

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