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9 Wardrobe Pick-Me-Ups That Are On Super-Cheap Sale This Week

By | Monday, November 03, 2014

Because how else should one start the week, if not with great deals on adorable clothes? I did the hard work of finding these for you, all you have to do is hover over the buy button while reminding yourself of how cheap they are, and how you need to pounce on these sales while they happen, or you’ll regret paying full price later.

1. The Perfect Cold-Weather LBD.



Simple, flattering, and something your wardrobe probably always needs. (Maybe you have another LBD, but do you have a casual, knee-length, short-sleeve, A-line one? See?)

2. A Pop-of-Color Skinny Belt.



It’s a belt. It comes in a ton of colors. It’s skinny. It’s the perfect pop of color in an otherwise-neutral outfit. It costs less than a latte. There you go.

3. The Perfect Winter White Skinny Jean.



For less than 10 dollars, you can participate in one of the greatest fall/winter looks: the winter white jean with a dark blue coat and brown leather boots. Or, worn with a warm, cozy grey sweater, these jeans will make you feel like a Real Housewife and Parisian fashion editor all at the same time.

4. A Cute Navy Bandana.



I like wearing these as headbands or tying them on a purse strap, though they look just as cute around the neck or as a pocket square on a blazer. It’s just a good thing to have around.

5. A Touch Of (Faux) Leather.


Banana Republic/$19.99

A three-quarter sleeve with a scoop neck and a faux-leather trim. It would be harder to do simple, elegant, and vaguely sexy (the holy trinity, if you ask me).

6. The Christmas Party-Ready LRD.



The season is coming, and we all need a nice dress to wear to the endless parade of holiday parties — why not get a dress that is actually adorable, and wearable for many other occasions? This Little Red Dress is marked down from nearly 100, and it is still available in several sizes. Get one while they last.

7. Adorable Stickers For Keeping Your Life Organized.



Okay, yes, this is less wardrobe, and more home office. But think of all the organization/gift wrapping/inspiration board potential! These are just adorable, and three dollars. It would be a crime not to get them.

8. An Elegant Pair Of Loafers.



Sometimes you want to look like you put in some effort, but not wear heels, because you have to do a ton of walking. That’s what loafers like these are for — they cheat their way to looking classy.

9. A Fluffy Winter White Sweater.


New Look/$17.99

It’s warm, fluffy, cozy, and very cute. It has a slightly vintage look, and when cropped — like this one — it’s quite flirty for a sweater. And at 17.99, you won’t feel badly about yourself every time you receive a compliment on it.

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