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5 Essentials For The Perfect Home Breakfast

By | Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cooking, or simply assembling, a hearty breakfast meal for yourself in the comfort of you own kitchen is one of the easiest ways to save money and —BONUS (!) — stay healthy. Giving yourself just 15 extra minutes in the morning to toast up a slice of bread with almond butter and banana, or fry a couple of eggs for something savory, are simple and easy ways to make something good for you, while staying financial healthy.

Breakfast foods are among the cheapest to purchase at the grocery store, and it literally costs a fraction of what you could spend in the morning on a gluten-free bagel, an $8 pressed juice, and an organic yogurt parfait.

In addition to saving money by eating the first meal of the day at home, I have come to sincerely appreciate those 15-20 minutes I spend in solitude as I sit at the kitchen table (without my iPhone) and flip through a magazine or a book while I eat. I have come to rely on my morning ritual of making myself breakfast, instead of grabbing something on the go and shoveling it in as I sit at my desk and hastily check emails. It’s been life-changing, for both my peace of mind and bank account.

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