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Smart Girl Chic: The Beautiful Leather Backpack

By | Thursday, January 08, 2015

Welcome to Smart Girl Chic, the new series on TFD wherein Smart Girls (aka girls who are interested in spending less and living better) find chic & financially healthy alternatives to trendy items. Today we will be discussing the beautiful, supple leather backpack, an item that (from what I can tell) has been #trending lately, and which — on a personal level — has been haunting my dreams.

I’ve been informed by people more fashionable and current than I that the Holy Grail of ~fashion backpacks~ right now is the Mansur Gavriel version, which is both beautiful:

And 950 fucking dollars — which, unless you are a fabulous Instagram celebrity who is being paid to wear it, is a ridiculous price for anything, much less a wearable container that still needs to be filled with things. I love me a good purse as much as anyone, but there is only so much delusion I can engage in as to how much they should cost, and mine stops well short of 950 dollars.

But, you know, fashion. I just don’t get it, I’m sure.

In any case, beautiful, minimalist leather backpacks like this one are something I greatly desire. I’ve imagined the many outfits that would be immediately enhanced by the addition of one, in place of the traditional handbag. It’s both “don’t give a fuck” casual and “give the right amount of fucks” put-together. I want one. So, to that end, I found a few great options for a fraction of the price that would fit beautifully into a wide range of wardrobes.

John Lewis, $39


Forever 21, $32

Forever 21, $19

Danielle Nicole, $88

Charles & Keith, $79

Nasty Gal, $60

New Look, $25

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