The #TotalHonestyTuesday Roundup, Vol.51

By Thursday, August 25, 2016


Every week, we’re participating in #totalhonestytuesday, sharing the things we’d usually keep off of social media, and giving a little more insight into our real (and very un-perfect) lives. Hopefully, in doing this, we can all feel a little less pressure to appear a certain way online, and remember that everyone around us is much more than just the highlight reel we normally see.

082316. I had watched too many shows and seen a lot of artists but nothing had made me feel the way Coldplay did. When they started playing "Fix You", I couldn't contain myself and was moved to tears. Maybe it was because of the effect and power the song always has on me. Or maybe it was also because, on the morning of the show, after months of trying to be strong and convincing myself that i could do everything alone, I broke down and cried on my dad's shoulder for the first time.
Somehow, no matter how strong we deem ourselves to be, we find ourselves stuck in a hole and all we need to have, to climb out of it, is someone's helping hand. Sometimes, we try to put up with our challenges by ourselves but we sometimes end up struggling on our own. It's not a weakness when we turn to our family, friends, and even God for help. We should realize that we do need their love and support to "fix us", to remind us that we are human, capable of hurting and needing.
It's funny how a huge venue filled with thousands of people I don't know and watching this band who I admired all my life, can make me feel so safe and assured that everything's going to be all right again. What more in the arms of my family and friends? That being said, my #ColdplayLA experience was beautiful beyond words. The fireworks, the Xyloband lights, the colorful birds and stars falling from the sky, the bright moon, the energy and kindness of the crowd, The Scientist, the nostalgia, and the genuine love from the band outpoured me with so much love and positive energy that I would never have imagined I could experience in one night. SOBRANG MAGICAL LANG BOW. #AHFODTour @coldplay #totalhonestytuesday

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The #crossfit makes me #sweat so hard #selfie 🌞👍🏽🌞 #totalhonestytuesday

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